Monday, January 9, 2012

4-R Principle

Green office management is simple and easy. You can bear in mind the basic principle - 
"4-R Principle" : Reduce, Reuse, Replace and Recycle.

Paper Saving
  • disseminate information by electronic means (i.e. via email or e-bulletin boards) as far as possible.
  • set duplex printing as the default mode for most network printers.
  • produce electronic greeting cards for staff use.
  • order recycled paper for office photocopying.
  • use e-fax to screen junk fax.
  • use environmentally friendly plain paper fax machines.
  • place boxes and trays beside photocopiers as containers to collect single-sided paper for reuse and used paper for recycling.
  • encourage the staff to use paper on both sides, reuse envelopes and loose minute jackets, and use the backside of letter pads with outdated letterhead for drafting or printing.

Energy Saving
  • use energy-saving light bulbs.
  • set the office temperature at 25.5°C in summer and fix thermometers at various office locations to regularly cross check the temperature setting.
  • switch off the lights and air-conditioning when not in use.
  • ensure that computers are switched off before the end of a working day.
  • make good use of the energy-saving features and options which come with the Operating System of the computers.
  • switch off all electrical appliances or, where appropriate, switch them to the energy-saving mode when not in use.
  • encourage the use of staircase instead of taking the lift for inter-floor traffic.
  • use energy efficient electronic equipment as far as possible.
  • keep track of the power consumption records and take measures to reduce the increase in power consumption.

  • collect fluorescent lamp, printer toner cartridges, rechargeable batteries and CD-ROM discs for recycling.
  • set up recycling boxes to collect all recyclables, such as waste paper, metals and plastics.
Green Procurement
  • buy green stationery such as mechanical pencils, refillable ball pens and recycled pencils.
  • buy other green items such as recyclable laser printer toner cartridges and box files made of recycled paper.
  • buy office equipment such as photocopiers and printers with Energy Efficiency label.
  • buy furniture made of chip board.
Other Useful Tips
  • ensure that all staff members observe the No Smoking Policy in all indoor areas.
  • carry out carpet cleaning and overhaul cleaning of fan coils at least once a year, preferably twice.
  • continuously assess the compliance with the green housekeeping guidelines.
  • appoint a "green manager" to assist in implementing and promoting green practices.
  • organise training programmes and workshops to enhance the environmental awareness among staff members.
  • use 7-day timer switch for electronic equipment and office appliances including water dispensers.

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