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Consumer Decision that Influence on Brand Name in Laptops Choice

In the 21st century has developing and modern day world, consumer has dominated all of the aspect of life. The life in the society follows the pattern of the capitalist culture where the human values have a different measure. The brands not only represent the symbol of the company or product but to a larger extent define the general life of a person. What the person uses can reflect on taste of life, status in the society, economic background and many other things. This will make a deep connection between the company and brand, with the consumer.

In this two way relation both are dependent on each other for various different reasons. In today’s time customers are very deeply connected to the brands. When they are purchase any product like a laptop, car, mobile, garment and items of daily need, brand name influence the consumer’s choice. Some customers purchase the specific branded things just due to the brand name. Customers believe that brand name is a symbol of quality. Initially the laptop product on IT industry was dominated by companies from oversea and a few companies in Thailand. With the time, the market started to grow and once considered to be luxurious commodity, laptop in IT industry is became more important for consumer needs on communicate rather than a choice. This made the companies to put more efforts and money to creating brand awareness of their product.

On the basis of the questions, the formulated of the problem as follows:

The purpose of the research is to create deeper consideration of what Consumer Decision that will Influence on Brand Name in Laptops Choice, when people go for purchasing, choose the products between different brands in IT industry. Further of the research want to identify, if there is a connection between brands and the consumer decision making process.

This research principally is divided in to one approach that was quantitative research. To conducted this study will based on theories and surveys which collecting data from sample group males and females in the range 20 – 60 years of age for 200 samples in order to find out on consumer decision when they choose IT Product as laptop

Background of the problem

“A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or design or combination of them which intended to identify the goods and service of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate from competition.

Brand is a combination of name, symbol and design. Brands represent the customer’s perceptions and opinion about performance of the product. The powerful brand is which resides in the mind of the consumer. Brands differ in the amount of power and worth they have in the market place. Some brands are usually unknown to the customers in the marketplace while on the other hand some brands show very high degree of awareness. The brands with high awareness have a high level of acceptability and customers do not refuse to buy such brands as they enjoy the brand performance. Some brands commend high level of brand loyalty. In the earlier times the brand mark was used to differentiate the goods of one producer to others.

Branding concepts has been used for centuries around the world in different forms. The original inspiration for branding came for craftsmen and others to recognize the fruits and their labors, so that the customers could easily identify them. Furthermore branding and trademarks, was applied in past ancient pottery and stonemasons marks, which was utilized to mark handcrafted goods to recognize their source (Kevin Lane Keller, 2007).

Brands also have a symbolic value which helps the people to choose the best product according to their need and satisfaction. Usually people do not buy certain brands just for design and requirement, but also in an attempt to enhance their self esteem in the society (De Chernatory Leslie & Mc Donald Malcolm H.B, 2002)

Some brands have very strong position in the market as they are more consumers friendly and customer purchases these branded products on trust and without any hesitation. Brand names present many things about a product and give number of information about it to the customers and also tell the customer or potential buyer what the product means to them. Furthermore it represents the customers’ convenient summary like their feelings, knowledge and experiences with the brand. More over customer do not spend much time to do find out about the product. When customer considers about the purchase they evaluate the product immediately by reconstructed product from memory and cued by the brand name (Flemmming Hansen and Lars Bech Christensen, 2003).

A brand has a value; this depends on the quality of its products in the market and the satisfaction or content of the customer in its products and services. This provides the trust of the customers in the brand. If customers trust a brand quality it makes a positive connection to the brand and customers will have a reason to become a loyal to the brand. Loyalty and trust of the customers is very important for a company because it reduces the chance of attack from competitors. Consumer behavior is the point for firm to discuss after they choose product and try them. Whenever consumer thinking to purchase products then they are includes quality, price, service, and brand name.

Research Question

What is the Consumer Decision that Influence on Brand Name in Laptop Choice?


The main of purpose is to gain an efficient knowledge through this research about consumer decision and analysis at the time of purchase. In order to investigate the influence, brand name can have on consumer’s decision.


For this study that I chosen three multinational computer companies. In this research has selected on laptop which including Acer, HP, and Lenovo. These companies are offering wide range of different models of laptop in the market.


Bangkok is one of the faster growing cities in Thailand, both terms of economy and population. The majority of people are educated and it is easy to find many customers who own the product of chosen laptop products. Initially respondents were limited in size and composition. The data collection was restricted within Bangkok in Thailand. Sampling has some biased, because it was not possible practically to go to different places for survey. Due to the time restrictions and busy schedule, many people in certain class may have been left out or neglected the request for answering the survey questionnaire.

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