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MBA Express on 25 April, 2012

MBA Express

Apr 25, 2012

This Week's Top Story
This Week's Top Story - Does Working Before B-School Cost Grads $112,000?
MBA Admissions

Does Working Before B-School Cost Grads $112,000?

A new book says the practice of requiring MBA applicants to have several years of work experience may come at a heavy price for graduates

More Top Stories

Going Green: MBA Sustainability Programs

Choices abound for would-be MBAs who seek degrees that will position them for jobs in sustainability

A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life: Investment Banking Associate

Late nights, to-do lists, and a Blackberry alert light that never stops blinking are all part of the job for MBA grad Serdj Balach at Citigroup

GMAT Tip: Reading Comprehension

The best way to tackle intimidating reading comprehension questions is to re-read the passage, eliminate wrong answers, and avoid skimming

Recruiter Q&A: BCG's Mel Wolfgang

One of the most sought-after employers in the consulting industry says it seeks MBAs from top schools with "drive, passion, and humility"

B-School Twitter Roundup

Making news this week: a hybrid MBA at UCLA, a departing dean at Thunderbird, and a business prof's $31,000 payday on "Jeopardy"

Coming Clean on B-School Admissions

The way B-schools make admission decisions has long been shrouded in mystery. It's time to let the sun shine in

B-School News Roundup

A new dean at Penn State, a fired professor at the University of Northern Iowa, and B-school Buddhists all made news this week

Full-Time or Part-Time MBA: A Primer

Choosing between a full-time and part-time MBA program comes down to deciding what trade-offs you're willing to make

B-School Research Briefs

New B-school research includes the benefits of hiring from within and doling out startup cash to ex-cons

ForumWatch: How Important Is Diversity?

B-schools say diversity is important, but does it matter to MBA applicants? A forum discussion takes on the question

Business School Forum

Connect with fellow students and recent alumni of the MBA program you're about to start, and start networking before you arrive on campus

Blog: Business School, Explained

Check out our video blog for tips and expert advice on choosing the right B-school and making the most of your time there

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This week in MBA Express

Dear Reader:
The economics of business school is something about which every applicant is keenly aware. Take one part monster tuition bill, add one part forgone salary, stir well, and the result is usually a substantial (and permanent) increase in pay. One part of that recipe-the 4 or 5 years of work experience that most schools require-hasn't gotten much attention. But last week we wrote about a study that says for many students it may very well deflate the whole soufflé. I found the research interesting-I think you will too.
While you're paying a visit, check out our new feature: A Day in the Life. These stories are written by recent MBA grads, who describe what it's like to work in a specific occupation, in this case as an investment banking associate. We hope our readers find these features helpful, particularly for career changers who may be unfamiliar with the nuts and bolts of an industry or function they've never worked in before.
Until next week.
Louis Lavelle, Business Schools Editor, Bloomberg Businessweek

Louis Lavelle
Louis Lavelle

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