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MBA Express on 16 May, 2012

This Week's Top Story
This Week's Top Story - The New GMAT: Questions for a Data-Rich World

The New GMAT: Questions for a Data-Rich World

The new GMAT measures something the old exam did not-the ability to draw on complex data sources to make smart decisions

More Top Stories

Google, Apple Tops With College Grads; Detroit Beckons

Tech tops the list, but the unlikely winners in Universum's new ranking of college students' most coveted employers are the Big Three automakers

Fifty Most Popular Employers for College Students

College business students once again catapulted Google, Apple, and Walt Disney to the top of Universum's ranking

Finding A Job

How I Got Here: Google's Brent Callinicos

The tech giant's treasurer has come a long way since his time as a UNC business student. Here's the story of his climb up the corporate ladder, in his own words

Stress Takes Its Toll on College Students

Many are struggling with such mental health problems as depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide

B-School News Roundup

Johns Hopkins B-school switches focus, INSEAD runs aground in Abu Dhabi, and Kelley students hawk $1,000 graduation tickets

Recruiter Q&A: IBM's Deanna Laird

A large majority of MBA interns at IBM receive job offers, and most of them have relevant work experience

B-School Research Briefs

Business school researchers shatter a few myths, starting with the notion that talent is more or less equally shared

B-School Culture: A Plea for Change

Two books suggest that something is "deeply wrong" at B-schools' intellectual core, and efforts at reform are falling short of the mark

ForumWatch: 'Enhancing' Your Résumé

When does résumé-doctoring cross the line from harmless enhancement to outright lying? Join our discussion

B-School Twitter Roundup

Haas hits a fundraising milestone, a Texas finance major throws a no-hitter, and a Miami alum gets his 15 minutes as an "Undercover Boss"

Blog: Business School, Explained

Check out our video blog for tips and expert advice on choosing the right B-school and making the most of your time there

Business School Forum

Connect with fellow students and recent alumni of the MBA program you're about to start, and start networking before you arrive on campus

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