Friday, May 25, 2012

MBA Jobs Outlook: Mixed Bag at Best


MBA Jobs Outlook: Mixed Bag at Best

This Week's Top Story
This Week's Top Story - MBA Jobs Outlook: Mixed Bag at Best

MBA Jobs Outlook: Mixed Bag at Best

More companies are hiring MBAs, and those that do are hiring more, but not all the news is positive

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Facebook's Very Few MBA Millionaires

A handful of MBAs own large stakes in Facebook, ranging from $18.7 million to potentially $1.8 billion

The New GMAT Gets Put to the Test

Developing the GMAT's new integrated reasoning section required a long period of trial and error. Fifteen new question types were considered. Only four survived

GMAT Tip: Making Educated Guesses

A few simple tricks for spotting wrong answer choices will increase your chances of guessing correctly and save precious time

The B-School Olympics

If you're in London for the Olympics this summer, don't be surprised if you see B-school students and professors. A few are even competing

Food, Drugs, and MBAs

If MBAs truly want to make a difference in the world, there are few better places to start than in health care and agribusiness

Haas's Answer to the Affirmative Action Ban

A California ban on affirmative action in college admissions puts Haas at a disadvantage when it comes to recruiting African American MBAs, but new strategies aim to level the playing field

Is Now the Right Time for an MBA?

Deciding when to pursue an MBA is almost as important as where, particularly for younger applicants

Summer Reading List: The B-School Edition

B-school professors recommend books on Apple, HP, leadership, reputation, and Abraham Lincoln, among other topics

ForumWatch: MBA Graduation Gifts

What's an appropriate graduation gift for a newly minted MBA? Tell us what you'll be giving, or hope to receive, at commencement

The MBA Life: Cornell

B-School Photo of the Week: Emory

Emory University's Goizueta Business School has top-ranked MBA and undergraduate business programs

B-School News Roundup

Harvard's B-school dean rethinks leadership, MBAs take on Washington's mass transit, and interns find they're once again in demand

B-School Highlights: May 18

Villanova gets a new B-school dean, Notre Dame MBAs visit countries ravaged by war, and MIT prepares to graduate its first Executive MBA class

B-School Twitter Roundup

A professor wins a grant to study cocaine abuse, Stanford's Garth Saloner interviews Tony Blair, and a Cornell MBA program breaks a record for female enrollment

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