Friday, June 29, 2012

MBA Express on 27 June 2012

This Week's Top Story
This Week's Top Story - An Epic Journey to a Disappearing World

An Epic Journey to a Disappearing World

A team that includes MBAs from Kellogg and Wharton is attempting a first: crossing the Arctic Ocean in a rowboat to raise awareness of global warming

More Top Stories

Bootstrap CEOs

These top executives started at the very bottom of the corporate heirarchy, as interns, factory workers, and sales reps

Avoiding MBA Internship Blunders

There are plenty of ways a summer gig can go bad. Here's how not to blow it

The Invisible B-School Curriculum

At great MBA programs, there's a "shadow curriculum" that has nothing to do with the course catalogue: the mentor-mentee relationship

The MBA Job Search: Plan B

Got your heart set on a specific industry or a company? Knowing when to broaden your search is key to landing a job

MBA Journal: B-School Update

MBA Journal: Looking Forward

"I may be dusting off my book bag instead of tossing my cap next week, but for myself and for the graduating Class of 2012, the future is bright"

GMAT Tip: When to Guess or Skip Questions

Research shows that guessing makes a lot of sense in the quantitative section of the GMAT, but not so much in the verbal section

MBA Alumni in the News: June 21

A Harvard grad is convicted of insider trading, a Stanford alum shuts his hedge fund, and more

B-School News Roundup

A B-school dean finds an solution to declining MBA applications, a professor on a study-abroad trip to China is detained by authorities, and more

ForumWatch: MBAs for Older Students

Which MBA programs are suitable for older candidates seeking a career change? Join the discussion

B-School Photo of the Week: Wake Forest

Wait Chapel was the first building constructed at Wake Forest University, home to several high-ranking business school programs

B-School Twitter Roundup

The Haas school gets a new behavioral lab, George Washington University gets a visiting professor, and Case Western gets a new global MBA program

Business School Forum

Connect with fellow students and recent alumni of the MBA program you're about to start, and start networking before you arrive on campus

Blog: Business School, Explained

Check out our video blog for tips and expert advice on choosing the right B-school and making the most of your time there

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